giovedì 28 giugno 2012

Rock and Chic with Nasty Gal

 Ready for the Rock Concert!
Indosso : Black Long Dress by Calzedonia
               Slayer Top by Nasty Gal
              Shoes whit Studs by PrimaDonna

This summer we like long dress

 Indosso : Long Dress by market
               Shoes by Prima Donna
               Accessories by H&M

DIY T.Shirt with Studded

Calzedonia Black Dress

Cosa indosso : Long Dress by Calzedonia (nuova collezione)
                       Shoes by PrimaDonna (vecchia collezione)
                      Accessories: Necklace by Breil
                                          Belt by Market
                                          Skull Bracelets by PrimaDonna 
                                          (oppure :